Extra information

Extra information
Interesting about booking a packages with us? Or did you book it already?
Here you can find what extra information about the packages.

► A free cancellation is possible 7 days before arrival. After the free cancellation period you can contact us if you want to cancel so we can see what we can do for you. 
► It would be nice to have the payment 5-7 days before arrival. Would you rather pay at arrival? Please contact us so your reservation won't be cancelled. 
► We will put a boat and bike in our system on a random time and date. Ofcourse you can change it to your own wish but please do this on time, at least 5 days before arrival. Everything is based on availability
► For the restaurant you need to have a reservation for breakfast and dinner. Breakfast is possible at: 07:30 am / 08:15 am / 09:00 am / 09:45 am. You can choose any time for dinner. 
► The packages are also possible for the familyrooms. 

Do you still have some questions? Please contact us by phone or email.