Giethoorn's surroundings
In Giethoorn you can enjoy the beatiful surroundings. The village is situated in the North part of the province "Overijssel". And is known for its little bridges and many water ways. It is often called "Dutch Venice". Giethoorn is situeated in a wetland area, with multipel lakes. Boats are rented throughout the village. And many companies offer canal cruises. Besides boating there is a lot to do in Giethoorn, like strolling through the little shops, enjoying a coffee in the many restaurants or visiting museums like 't Olde maat uus, where you can see how people lived over a 1000 years ago. 

History of Giethoorn
From the 11th century, humans in the peat bog areas around Giethoorn started to extract peat, an important fuel in those days! The first (well-known) residents settled around 1230.
Giethoorn has about 2620 inhabitants and is known for its bridges, waterways and hand made boats.
The peat extraction created most canals and the world-famous lakes (not more then 1 meter deap) and wetlands (Weerribben-Wieden). Many houses are built on islands, as it were, that can only be reached via bridges. Most of the more than 176 bridges are privately owned.
From Hotel Giethoorn you can take the beautiful bicycle / walking path that runs through the center of the village. Going from Giethoorn South through the centre to Giethoorn North.