The hotel

Magnificently situated!                                                   
Beautifull located, with a terrrace on the main canal and the start of a famour walkway into the city centre, is where you can find Hotel Giethoorn, for more than a century the best-known stay in the region.

Hotel Giethoorn (34 rooms) are built in an absolutely unique Old Dutch - Romantic style.
All rooms are included with a luxurious bathroom, box spring beds, minibar, flatscreen TV, free WiFi and free parking. (at the backside of the hotel are extra parking spaces available, near Boat Rentel Giethoorn) 
In addition to double rooms, a number of family rooms of four (4p), six (6p) and even an eight (8p) persons room are available. 
Parking is available at the Boat Rental at Zuiderpad 14. From the parking lot it is a 5 minute walk to the Hotel.
Navigate to Busstop "Hollands Venetie" and enter the Ranch-like location by driving underneath the "Boat Ranch" sign. Walk towards the water and take the secret walking path back to the hotel.

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Hotel Giethoorn is a great starting point for beautiful hikes through the 'Wetlands' and the city center. It is also possible to rent a bike or an electro boat (up to 8 people) and explore the beautiful surroundings of Giethoorn.

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