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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to reach the beautiful village of Giethoorn, often called the ''Venice of the North'', and a primer on what to do once you arrive. From idyllic canals and charming thatched-roof farmhouses to pedestrian-only paths, Giethoorn is a destination like no other.

Traveling to Giethoorn

Giethoorn is conveniently accessible via air, train, and bus, making it an easy destination to reach from anywhere in the Netherlands.

Giethoorn by plane

The Netherlands does have several international airports providing easy connections to Giethoorn:

  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport

  • Groningen Eelde Airport

  • Maastricht Aachen Airport

  • Eindhoven Airport

From these airports, the country's comprehenseive train and bus system will guide you to your final destination.

Giethoorn by train

From the major Dutch train stations - Amsterdam Central, Utrecht Central, Rotterdam Central, The Hague Central, Eindhoven Central, Groningen Central and Zwolle Central - take a train to the nearest stations to Giethoorn: Steenwijk Central or Meppel Central.

The cost of a train ticket varies and ranges between €9,40 and €29,40 per person for a one-way ticket, depending on which Central Station you depart from.

Giethoorn by bus

Complete your journey by catching a local bus from Steenwijk Central or Meppel Central to Giethoorn. The busnumber is #70. The cost of a bus ticket varies and ranges between €2,37 and €3,90 per person for a one-way ticket, depending on which Central Station you depart from (Steenwijk or Meppel).

Giethoorn by camper

For those who enjoy the freedom and flexibilty of camper travel, Giethoorn offers a handful of designated camper sites. These locations, such as camperresort Bodelaeke, provide all the essential amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay while maintaining the unique charm of the village.

Please not that Giethoorn is a car-free zone, and motorized vehicles are not allowed in the village center. However, parking areas for campers are conveniently located near the village, and from there, it's easy to explore Giethoorn by boat, on foot or by bike.

Things to do in Giethoorn

Once you arrive in the village, you will find an array of activities to partake in:

Boat Rental

One of the best ways to experience Giethoorn is by boat. Navigate the peaceful waterways and admire the scenery from a unique perspective. For a truly memorable experience, consider renting a boat from Boat Rental Giethoorn. Their fleet offers a range of options suitable for different group sizes and needs.

Dining in Giethoorn

Relish the culinary delights at Brasserie de Pergola, a must-visit restaurant in Giethoorn. With their exquisite menu and charming setting, it's a wonderful place to relax after a day of exploring.

Explore Giethoorn on foot

Giethoorn is a car-free zone, making it perfect for walking. Discover hidden corners of the village, stroll along the canals or simply enjoy the tranquil atmoshpere and visit the local shops.

Nature exploration at Weerribben-Wieden

For nature enthusiasts, a trip to the national park de Weerribben-Wieden, located just outside Giethoorn, is a must. It's one of the largest freshwater wetlands in Northwestern Europe, offering opportunities for hiking, bird watching, and even canoeing. Discover the stunning flora and fauna and enjoy the serene beauty of this protected area.

Tips from Giethoorn Village

Giethoorn Village has a few fun and interesting tips for your trip to Giethoorn. See the tips here.

We hope this quide helps you in planning your trip to Giethoorn. Safe travels and we look forward to welcoming you in one of our hotels in Giethoorn.

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